Solid State Drives: Are They Finally Worth it?


A couple of years ago when I set about to build my second to latest build, CapSupreme, I wrestled with the idea of using a solid state drive as my main boot drive and a regular 3.5 inch hard disk drive for my data drive. I considered this for quite some time with myself and a good friend of mine.

You see when I left the computer business Intel was just getting ready to introduce it’s first SSD to the market (and the i3, i5 and i7 processors for that matter) and the worry at that time was that SSD’s didn’t have the endurance that a regular 7200 RPM HDD had. So would it be worth it in that time to upgrade especially at the incredible price point they had set? Most logical people said no. Continue reading “Solid State Drives: Are They Finally Worth it?”

Technobabble|RBG Podcast 002

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Today Jeff is joined by Cynthia, Dan and Kevin to discuss gaming and tech news from the past two weeks. We cover the Playstation Pro and Slim, take a look at Windows 10 Updates, say bye to Blizzard’s Chris Metzen and more.

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My Favourite Video Game Soundtracks

cheap-1950-s-jukebox-cutout-at-go4costumes-com-c4fcld-clipartI’ve always been passionate about the music in video games. Perhaps I should be more specific. I’ve always been passionate about the music in the games that I love.

One of my favourite video game composers is Nobuo Uematsu most known for his work on the Final Fantasy series and other games like the fantastic Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon on Xbox 360. His music has always contained a lot of meaning and emotion behind it. Continue reading “My Favourite Video Game Soundtracks”

Technobabble Podcast Returns! UPDATE!

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UPDATE: Podcast is live on Libsyn.

Back in the day I hosted a technology commentary website here on wordpress called Technobabbleonline. One of the most popular bits to the website was the podcast that I produced along with my sister and brother.

In those days the recording was done in a relatively primitive way. Sure Audacity was still used for recording and editing but the hardware used to record was not so impressive. We often used a Playstation 2 USB headset. In the later recordings a more impressive forty dollar microphone was used but it still didn’t get the best audio quality.

This time around while the recording software remains the same the audio will be captured with a Blue Yeti. This should up the quality quite a bit.

We’re using a better hosting service so the audio track won’t have to be compressed so much. I plan to post the first podcast tomorrow sometime barring any issues with editing. We will be recording today.