Black to Blu: Finally moving from my Blackberry Bold 9930.

Quite a few years back my dad and I made the change to Verizon from Telus. Yes, those companies are in two completely different countries. You see at the time the Canadian Dollar was at or just above parity with the United States and the phone plans offered by Verizon at the time were far, far, far more competitive than the any of the Canadian companies. Continue reading “Black to Blu: Finally moving from my Blackberry Bold 9930.”

The Legend of the Console Killer



If you’ve even browsed PC gaming tech in the last few years, you’ve probably heard of the legend of the “console killer” – a self-built PC that can compete with or even exceed the current generation of gaming consoles for a similar price. Indeed, in many a gaming thread on Internet forums can devolve into a console vs PC war, much to the annoyance of many a reader.

With the imminent release of Sony’s oddly named PlayStation 4 Pro (what exactly is “Pro” about it?), along with Nintendo’s vaguely defined NX and Microsoft’s mysterious Project Scorpio on the horizon, it seems a good time to revisit the concept of building your own console.

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