The PS4 Pro – It’s For Professionals!


Ladies and gentlemen, after all the hype, anticipation, and online forums shouting in protest against changing how console cycles work, it has arrived: the PS4 Pro.

Maybe you’re looking for a last minute far too expensive Christmas gift, or perhaps eyeing a Boxing Day shopping spree with leftover holiday cash. Maybe you already know you are getting one for Christmas and are curious.

Let’s take a look at some first impressions, shall we?

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I promised that I would keep everyone up to date on the changes made to my machines CAPSUPREME and FARPOINT. Well here’s a big update to one of those systems.

CAPSUPREME has it’s history dating back to early 2014 and has gone through many revisions. In fact it is now at it’s 1.6X revision. Yes. For everything today one must include either an X or an i (lower case of course) or a Z in the name. In this case there is sort of a reason for it as I have moved the system to an ITX form factor. Continue reading “PERSONAL RIG UPDATE – CAPSUPREME V1.6X”

On A Mission for the Perfect Gaming Mouse

26-104-321-32For quite some time I have been using a Logitech Performance MX mouse on my main system Farpoint. A fantastic wireless mouse that if it wasn’t for it’s insatiable appetite for batteries I would carry on with it. But alas, replacing the single double A battery every week is really starting to get old.

I also have the mobile version of the Performance MX called the Anywhere MX that I used with CapSupreme. While the size is nearly perfect for my small hands the switches on the main left and right mouse buttons activate only when pressing in a really specific spot on the button.

So earlier this year I started looking for a replacement. It took me nearly six months to decide on the mouse I wanted to go with. Continue reading “On A Mission for the Perfect Gaming Mouse”