Technobabble | RBG Podcast 011 – Secret Bunkers Join Jeff, Cynth, Dan and Kevin as they discuss the latest tech and gaming news. Seagate shuts down a large plant but creates a 16TB consumer hdd and a 2TB 2.5in sshd. ASRock creates a new small for factor motherboard. The new Opera Neon browser. Microsoft HoloLens sales are … Continue reading Technobabble | RBG Podcast 011 – Secret Bunkers

A Whole New Galaxy

I'll be the first to admit I'm a bit of a cranky old man when it comes to phones:   I find most apps useless or even highly intrusive with their logins (anyone who read my rant against NVIDIA for requiring a superfluous login to use their GeForce Experience software probably saw this one coming) … Continue reading A Whole New Galaxy