You Me and Tech 005 – Online Reviews

Online Reviews and the end of personal thought/opinion   History:   in 1999, three websites appeared on the internet and set in motion the new “social trend” of online reviews.,, and   Dan, have you ever bought, played, or gone anywhere without consulting a review?   -According to 90% of … Continue reading You Me and Tech 005 – Online Reviews

Gaming Lounge 009 – A Slice of Retro Pie

Join Dan, Cynthia and Jeff as they check out the latest gaming news, upcoming releases and go around the table talking about what we've been playing. Hardware News Atari shows off hardware design for upcoming console,35017.html Rare NES game sells for stupid amount Blizzard News - They be busy this week … Continue reading Gaming Lounge 009 – A Slice of Retro Pie

Technobabble 023 – Doctor What?

Join Jeff, Dan and Cynthia as they discuss the latest in tech news. We visit Net Neutrailty, fingerprints as boarding passes, Verizon throttling Netflix and the latest in geek entertainment. Hardware News AMD Ryzen Threadripper Motherboards to be Showcased on July 25th Benchmarks Find Intel i7-7700K better than i7-7800X for gaming Seagate … Continue reading Technobabble 023 – Doctor What?