Nespresso Inissia

So I am far from new to the single-serve instant brewer systems out there. I started with the Keurig (before the 2.0 DRM stupidity) and use it occasionally for brewing large cups of coffee when entertaining guests. I then supplemented my Keurig K65 with a Tassimo T65 to make quick and easy lattes and cappuccinos with the supplied real milk tdsics. Real milk was the thing there.

Recently Tassimo moved to a new way of making cappuccinos and lattes. They are using condensed milk and powered milk in almost every case now and the beverage quality has suffered a lot. This led me looking to alternatives. The next big brand of singe-serve brewers is the Nespresso line. Continue reading “Nespresso Inissia”

Star Trek Discovery – My Thoughts

Like many nerds world-wide I have been waiting on a new Star Trek television series for ages. Since the demise of Enterprise no one was sure if we would actually see another show on the small screen.

Be warned. I am going to do my best to keep out any spoilers or really any information about the show so you can enjoy it yourself when you watch it. That means the following descriptions will be as intentionally vague as possible but I may unintentionally slip something out. Continue reading “Star Trek Discovery – My Thoughts”