It Turns Out the Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Suck…

Like may of us, I made a lot of purchases on Black Friday and my one and only big ticket item was a Nintendo Switch. And yes, I picked up the one with the neon blue and red joycons cuz FUN!

Since the terrible handling of the NES Classic edition and the current mishandling of the SNES Classic edition I had written Nintendo off. No, not in that I believed they would die because of this as I am well aware they are making a killing with the Switch. No I just was unhappy about their blatant approval of price scalpers on their NES and SNES Classic. I had decided I would not buy another Nintendo product.

Well I caved on Black Friday. There was a $60 off promo on Ebay for new Switches so I picked one up. It arrived while I was on the road but I when I got home I quickly opened it up and began exploring the console. Continue reading “It Turns Out the Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Suck…”

I Built a Home Theatre! Part 2 – Choosing Speakers

Last time we were gathered here together, class, we took a look at the process of picking up the heart of any home theatre system – the receiver. The receiver is so important because that’s where all your inputs go into and where those inputs get turned in to audio and video for our consumption. The audio and video produced can only ever be as good as what the receiver can handle so picking the right receiver is critical. I picked up a refurbished Sony STR-DH550 receiver that has been praised for it’s great audio reproduction and looked down upon for it’s ancient menu interface.

Today we look at how we get the audio out of our Sony STR-DH550 receiver from our inputs. So there are a few things to consider when you look at a speaker setup for your home theatre system. Continue reading “I Built a Home Theatre! Part 2 – Choosing Speakers”