Gamdias Hermes M3 RGB

It turns out, since my reunion with computers and gaming a few years ago with my first PC build in years, that I have become a bit of a snob when it comes to peripherals. Specifically the mice and keyboards that I use.

I used to be happy with the simple Logitech or Microsoft budget options. That was until I purchased a Cooler Master CM Storm TK+ with Cherry MX Brown switches. I found that keyboard to be the perfect mix of compact while still offering a numpad.

Well since then I have went through several keyboards including another TK+ with Cherry MX Blues, the very compact Drevo Gramr with Kaihl Browns, Turbot 87-Key with some kind of clone blue switch, Tesoro Tizona with Cherry MX Blacks, KBParadise V80 TKL with Cherry MX Blues and recently the Drevo Blademaster TK.

So that’s a lot of keyboards and I am convinced I have missed some. Regardless we are here today to talk about the Gamdias Hermes M3 RGB.

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Gaming Lounge 2018 Special



1) Best Soundtrack of 2018

Dan – Red Dead Redemption 2
Jeff – Octopath Traveller

2) Best Graphics of 2018

Dan – Red Dead Redemption 2
Jeff – Forza Horizon 4

3) Best Deal of 2018

Dan – Frostpunk
Jeff – Sega Genesis Classics

4) Best Catch-up Game (2017 game you played in 2018)

Dan – Persona 5
Jeff – Cosmic Star Heroine

5) Best Recurring Game (Game you played in previous years you played the most of in 2018)

Dan – Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
Jeff – American Truck Simulator

6) Best Mobile Game of 2018

Dan – No Comment
Jeff – Pokemon GO, Marvel Strike Force

7) Best Indie Game of 2018

Dan – Celeste
Jeff – Icey

8) Best Multiplayer Game of 2018

Dan – Sea of Thieves
Jeff – World of Warships

9) Best Expansion of 2018

Dan – World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
Jeff – World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

10) Game of the Year 2018

Dan – God of War
Jeff – Octopath Traveller

11) Honourable Mention of 2018 (game that won nothing, but you still want to mention as great)

Dan – Spider-Man
Jeff – Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee, Smash Bros Ultimate

12) Most Anticipated Game of 2019

Dan – The Outer Worlds
Jeff – Crackdown 3, Ace Combat 7, Shenmue 3

13) Cautiously Pessimistic game

Dan – Starfield
Jeff – Kingdom Hearts

14) Best gaming device of the year

Dan – Playstation 4
Jeff – Nintendo Switch

15) Worst console of the year

Dan – Xbox One X
Jeff – Playstation Classic

16) Most disappointing Game

Dan – Monster Hunter World
Jeff – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (technically a 2017 release)

17) Game most wanted to go on sale

Dan – Nier Automata
Jeff – Nier Automata