IOS 10 for iPhone

IOS 10 for iPhone


This is where Kevin talks in third person about how terrible iOS 10 is. You’re welcome.

Sure, it’s been a little while since the iOS 10 for the oversimplified iPhone has been released. Sure, the iPhone didn’t really NEED anything new to make life easier or more difficult. But, if you are like me, you have gotten the update and found some mixed thoughts. There are a few interesting things about the new iOS 10 that has most people probably excited, but then a decent amount of it just seems like our favorite company has been trying too hard to excite the youth.

Let’s start wth the more exciting part to the iOS 10 with one of them being the fingerprint scan system for any apps that you buy from the app store. This sounds like a totally silly thing to be praising, but first world problems! One thing I’d like to mention, is that I’m not even sure if this is a completely new feature, but I’ve never seen the touch idea work with the app store before this update. Other than the fingerprint scanner, the only real notable good thing if you’re young, or if you have some sort of artistic skill like my sister Cynthia, is the Digital Touch sketch that you can send to one another in text messages. It’s kind of interesting, but for me, it’s absolutely pointless. Not to say the sketching isn’t great for someone, but not really my type of thing.

As if the “slide your finger silly” with the iPhone wasn’t fun enough, Apple decided to add a few more to the mix on the home page. Sliding your finger off to the right will allow you to see a quick summary of news, Siri’s suggested apps, and your alarm setting (thanks?) with your next upcoming event in your calendar. These are just a few things to get you just that more excited. Siri’s suggested apps is basically just your recent apps, but will have a couple of real suggestions of what you already have on your phone. I suppose it’s sort of nice, but was it something really helpful? No. Not at all. I do want to mention one other thing that bugs me to no end. iOS 10 also has a 2016 United States election issue with it’s unlocking system. By this I mean you can slide your finger in any motion and basically open up a whole new window before you unlock your phone. From top to bottom you can access your latest messages that include messages from any app sent to your phone. From the right you can access your camera. From the bottom you can access your flashlight, airplane mode, camera (again?), calculator, and your timer. From the left you can access the same page that has the suggested apps from Siri. Here’s my huge issue, sometimes you absolutely HAVE to use the home button you unlock your phone, and other times, all you have to do is use your fingerprint scanner. Did I mention you use your 4 digit code sometimes, too? Why in the world couldn’t it just be one or the other all of the time? Maybe you can fix this in settings, but this is coming from a guy that isn’t super technical to begin with.

All-in-all, you can tell from the above differences that I’m not too impressed with my new iOS 10. I’m not entirely upset with it, but it just makes me feel like I did when the xbox 360 switched from the original and easy Bladed interface to the next one that was completely different. The saving grace for me is the App store fingerprint scanner so I can get anything I want without having to think about anything. Just the way I like it. But here is the last point to it all. If you like to be annoyed, get yourself iOS 10

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