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In this futuristic alien killing genocide of the ages, you’ll have lots of great strategic madness on your hands. It’s good to have you back, commander.

The supersonic sound of the council’s voice should be given a raise. It’s like watching the transformers movies, and knowing that the only reason you came to watch the movie is because of Optimus Prime’s voice. I can tell you for a fact that is not the only reason you would play XCOM 2. There are a couple of things that bug me about the game, but the list is on the short side of things.

First of all, I want to point out that XCOM 2 is a lot like the first XCOM but with a lot more upgrades and customization options. The above stated makes it a lot more fun to play the game since you can make everyone look just about exactly how you want them to be. It’s not an Elder Scrolls customization, but there are a lot of props for your character. Also, the gameplay is superb. The game has you in a “commanding” position that allows you to be looking above the characters you control, which gives you the opportunity to look at the terrain ahead of your soldier to see what your next move will be. The terrain makes a big difference for your soldier, because if you are higher than your opponent, you gain an aim bonus for the weapon that your character has, and vice versa. On top of this, there is a cover system where you can have half or full cover as long as you are in cover. Having either one of those covers doesn’t meant you won’t get hit, because it just means there is a smaller chance you wont get hit. Look, I could go on and on with the mechanics and how fun this game is, but it would take too long.

Here it is. The negative Kevin letting you know what you won’t like and why you shouldn’t buy this game. You would be wrong, good citizen. There is a small couple of things that I’d like to address, but it’s super simple, and not that big of a deal. If anyone reading this has played the first XCOM, they would know of both of these issues for the console already. One of the issues are the load times. The loading is kind of a joke. For example, when you finish a mission flawlessly, and can’t wait to promote your characters for those awesome new abilities and then… you see the ever-turning XCOM logo on the bottom right corner for the next eternity. I never timed the sequence, but I can tell you that before that screen is over, there is at least a two minute loading screen. And then wait, there’s more! You get to watch your team in the Skyranger for yet another loading screen for about thirty seconds to one minute. For me, this wasn’t the worst thing on the planet, but I did pick up some mobile games to get through those first world problems. The only other thing I can comment on is the game crashing. I’ve had it a few times now, but the frequency of the crashes is much less than on the original XCOM.

My apologies for the road rage, but I promise you the negative’s are very small compared to what you get out of this fantastic genre of a game. I don’t even know why I’m giving you more of a report. Just buy the game. Seriously. You’ll be playing this thing for a while.

And take a look at my first time playing the game and watch how things can turn ugly on you.


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