Android Has Games!

Android Has Games!

To start, I have no idea if these are available on iOS and I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t really care. Yep, I said that. OK, fine. All are available on iOS with the exception of Magic Circus. With that out of the way, HEY there are games on these things!

With my two latest phones I have been able to play a large amount of the latest games on Android and I wanted to cover a few of them here I think you should check out.


This is a simple pinball game that becomes tough by making it a race against the clock. The physics are pretty good and the controls work pretty well. The premise of the game is to get further and further along the pinball table while replenishing your time left by collecting pellets and playing mini games. If you are familiar with Tron Legacy you will see where the developers got the ideas for their game design and the music. The music is so good I wish I could download a soundtrack of it separately. It’s free to play though if you want to save your progress you will have to spend a couple bucks to unlock the game. This is also one of the few that you can play offline.screenshot_20170123-091302

Nice Shot Golf

This game is almost a near ripoff of Hot Shots Golf in style but it’s a great golf game still. The developers make their money using in game micro transactions like so many other games nowadays. There are a couple items that can be bought to make the game easier but to be honest I have not had a problem playing the game with what I earn in game. You can earn different outfits that increase your avatars golfing ability and a few different currencies that allow you to upgrade your golf clubs to make you more accurate. Overall it’s a fun game but it does require a hefty in-game download to play and a constant internet connection afterwards. There is also a PvP function that I honestly haven’t played around with but it’s cool to see it there.screenshot_20170123-091603

Juice Jam

This is really a reskin of Candy Crush Saga but I prefer this version. Not much to say here other than the neat animations of the characters in game are fun to watch. The difficult ramps up rather quickly though so expect to spend some money on in game items to make it further if you don’t want to retry multiple times.screenshot_20170123-092114

Microsoft Solitaire

If you are familiar with Microsoft’s Solitaire suite on Windows 10 then you are familiar with the Android version. It works very well and is probably the best Solitaire game on Android.screenshot_20170123-092232

Magic Circus

This is sort of a modified Bejewelled clone that is similar to Candy Crush as well. It’s a bit simpler than Candy Crush but a lot mindless fun.screenshot_20170123-092337

Are there any games that you play that should get some love? Let me know in the comments.

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