AMD Ryzen Now Up for Pre-Order

AMD Ryzen Now Up for Pre-Order

Today AMD announced that the new Ryzen cpu’s were available for pre-order at 1PM Eastern. True to form the Canadian retailers partnered for this release were a little slow to the draw but we do have some news to share.

AMD held a media conference yesterday to detail information on the new R7 1800X, 1700X and 1700. We now have more accurate details on specs and on the availability of motherboards at launch. The official launch date is March 2, 2017.

Dr. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD announced that the new CPU’s not only met their target of 40% more efficiency but surpassed it at a whopping 52% over the older excavator core. That is impressive since my A10-7890k system (CapSupreme) is based on that architecture. To see a 52% performance increase over that chip would be incredible.

According to AMD the R7 1800x is marketed to compete against Intel’s i7 6900k. The R7 1700x is to compete with the i7 6800k and the R7 1700 is to compete with the i7 7700k. Along with that the R7 1700 will be releasing with AMD’s new RGB Wraith Tower cooling solution. Pretty neat.


The chips available at launch are the R7 1800x, 1700x and 1700. The “x” denotes that these chips not only will overclock better than the non “x” counterparts but will automatically overclock another 100MHz over their turbo boost speed depending on your cooling solution.

R7 1800X: 8 Core / 16 Thread – 3.6GHz base clock – 4 Ghz turbo clock – 95W TDP – $499USD/$669CAD on NCIX

R7 1700X: 8 Core / 16 Thread – 3.4GHz base clock – 3.8Ghz turbo clock – 95W TDP – $399USD/$529CAD on NCIX

R7 1700: 8 Core / 16 Thread – 3GHz base clock – 3.7GHz turbo clock – 65W TDP – $329USD/$439CAD on NCIX

Along with the cpus launching there are a select few motherboards also available today from various manufacturers like Asus, ASRock, MSI and Gigabyte.

It’s an odd move for AMD to set up a pre-order on a CPU at least according to most of the media reports and indeed I don’t believe that I’ve heard of this myself for a cpu before but I more or less chalk it up to the fact that AMD is on the bleeding edge of what people like to do nowadays. Pre-orders, like it or not, are here to stay and AMD is taking advantage of this.

I will be waiting on the reviews but I will be seriously considering upgrading, or rather building a R7 1700X system in the future.

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