RBG Update

RBG Update

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for sticking with us. We have had an exciting couple of weeks here and I want to share some things with you on the future of redbluegreen.ca. Due to circumstances this week we won’t be releasing any podcasts but have no fear:

We aren’t going anywhere.

You see, RBG is run by a few enthusiasts in their off time from their homes. Yes, I have a full time job and so does Dan. And Cynthia. And Kevin. So we can get busy from time to time and content doesn’t get posted as much as we’d like.

In an effort to remain relevant to today’s news we started the Technobabble RBG Podcast that has been going for nearly half a year bi-weekly. This way we can communicate to you all directly and share what we think of the news of the last week or so.

In discussions with the rest of the team I worked on bringing some more podcasts to you. After eight episodes of Technobabble RBG, You Me and Tech was launched with Cynthia at the helm. This podcast takes a deeper dive in to the history of technology and it has been a blast to record for you all so far.

After that Dan and I decided recently that we would split the Technobabble RBG podcast in to two podcasts. Technobabble would continue to focus on technology news and the new RBG Gaming Lounge would focus on gaming.

I couldn’t be happier with the new podcasts except for one point. Better quality. Yes, up until now we have been recording in a room in my house on a noisy computer with a Blue Yeti microphone. While the Yeti is actually a very good microphone it’s not really ideal for recording three people in the same environment as Farpoint, my main computer, which records the podcast and gleefully inserts its own fan noise as I like to think it also wants to participate.

While the noise issue can be dealt with in post through filters in Audacity, my experience has been that we lose voice quality overall when I run the filters.

So I am happy to announce today that we have picked up some new audio equipment for testing and eventual use on all the podcasts. We also have a new recording studio in Dan’s secret layer under the CN Tower (listen to the Gaming Lounge for more on that) that promises less background noise. We also have a couple new recording systems that will be much quieter in the studio.

We picked up a USB mixer that will connect to one PC via USB to record our podcasts to Audacity. We will also be using a separate PC to do Skype calls leaving the main studio PC dedicated to recording and editing. With this setup we hope to get better quality Skype recordings with Kevin who lives in the United States (or anyone else that may join in). With this setup we will also be testing a new condenser style microphone. If we are happy with the quality we will be using them for all three of us on the podcast.

Yeah that’s all a mouthful I know but suffice to say we know we need better quality and in picking up these things we feel we will be able to provide that to you.

So now we get to the good news.

When the testing is complete and we feel satisfied with the setup are plan is to shift our main shows Technobabble RBG (now RBG Technobabble, yeah big change I know) and RBG Gaming Lounge to weekly recordings that will hopefully be live every Monday. You, Me and Tech will continue on as a bi-weekly show as it requires more research to be done properly. When the show is recorded it will be posted every Thursday.

So that’s it guys. With all this happening along with other plans we have set for down the road that we are really excited for we look forward to the future of redbluegreen.ca.

Thanks guys,


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