Stan Lee, Creator of Many of My Personal Favourite Heroes, Has Passed Away

Stan Lee, a man of incredible imagination and talent, has passed away at 95. While I think many knew he had less years ahead than he had behind him no one wanted to see him leave us behind.

Lee of course created a legacy of comic book and now TV and movie heroes that even non comic book fans have come to love.

Some of the heroes he has cultivated and created that I really appreciate include Captain America (even though I am Canadian), Iron Man (always love mech suits and this is the best), the Hulk (Hulk Smash! need I say more?), Spider Man (I was a huge fan of the 90s animated series), Daredevil (relatively new on my radar with the Netflix series), and Ant-Man (also recent with the new Paul Rudd movies).

Variety has a great background on Stan over on their site and rather than restating all of it here check out their coverage. 

Excelsior, Mr. Lee.

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