WoW Classic Is Back. And I Like It.

WoW Classic Is Back. And I Like It.

The big name in games is back in classic form. Who would have thought World of Warcraft Classic would be so popular on Twitch and with gamers alike. Blizzard certainly didn’t. So much so that they didn’t have enough servers on launch.

I have played World of Warcraft since about a year after the game launched and have sunk countless DAYS in to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Until WoW there just wasn’t a game like it that interested me though I did have my bouts with Guild Wars several times. I even tried Everquest. Bleh.

World of Warcraft was just done right. Controls, music, game-play. It set the standard after it launched.

Well over the years through several expansions and content updates the original World of Warcraft game has evolved a ton often integrating the mods that were popular in vanilla and subsequent releases. The current state of WoW really feels too easy to play. You don’t need to read quests to find where things are. The game just points you to where you need to kill or collect things. Heartstone’s cool-down in fifteen minutes. You can fly yourself anywhere. Mounts at level 20. So many things.

Well Classic brings you back to the beginning. Levels 1 to 10 take multiple hours instead of half an hour. Enemies WILL kill you. Running takes forever to go anywhere. You need to build of weapons skills. You have to purchase new skills. You have a complicated and in-depth skill tree.

And I am loving every minute.

The minute I re-rolled my night elf rogue while having to wait for enemies to re-spawn (just because of the shear amount of people logged into the servers) I was reliving my earliest memories of playing World of Warcraft.

Sure I definitely have my nostalgia blinders on but I honestly thought they would disappear soon after starting in Classic. But they haven’t.

I missed the difficulty of the original game. I missed having to actually search around to find things for quests that I actually had to READ.

On top of all this, I’m not even playing on the same server as friends and I’m still having fun. Also it is incredible to see how helpful people are being in General chat instead of the often spiteful and angry elite dummies in the retail game that would rather make fun of you than help.

On top of all this the game is technically free to play though to have access to Classic you must have a current retail subscription to World of Warcraft.

I understand that going back to the beginning isn’t for everyone but it turns out it totally works for me.

Oh and if you haven’t heard from me for weeks, you’ll know what I’m doing…

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