I have been using the Cougar Minos X3 as a daily driver on my secondary PC for a couple years now and I have generally been happy with it. For a budget mouse it has lasted longer than I ever expected it to do.

So why are we here today? Well two big problems with the X3 have finally come to a head.

The scroll wheel is absolute trash. Over the last 6 months the scroll wheel has gone from a reliable performer to almost scrolling the opposite direction its being scrolled. It’s really bad.

The other problem is the switch in the left mouse button is registering single clicks as double clicks constantly. It makes doing some things incredibly frustrating.

And this saddens me. To have a value king perform so well for so long has really been satisfying. It felt good in the hands if a bit too high in the palm for me (small hands). At the same time who would have expected at $39.99 CAD mouse (at time of purchase) to really have lasted that long?

I am looking into a new mouse now and I will update you guys with the result and a review.