Aukey EP-B60 Bluetooth Earbuds

Aukey EP-B60 Bluetooth Earbuds

I said I had at least one more set of wireless earbuds and today we have a pair of Aukey EP-B60 earbuds.

I came upon these earbuds because this time I was most concerned about battery life. Finding these took time and using different search terms until, finally, the Aukey EP-B60 showed up.

These aren’t considered “true wireless” as there is an external battery pack attached to a wire that connects both earbuds. The good news here though means battery life is much improved. Aukey boasts a total playtime of eight hours. This was my bar. Eight hours is where I wanted to be. I can report that at about 70% volume level these earbuds last about 7.5 hours. And technically the battery was not empty yet. I approve.

To charge these there is a USB-C connector build into the remote/battery pack. Yes the battery pack has a mic built in along with play/pause(sync) and volume up and down. The mic works decently according to those I talked to using the earbuds.

The earbuds themselves are comfortable in the ear though the rubber seats included are a little large for my ears and go a little too deep for me personally. And I thought, since they send a second set with the earbuds, I would just try the other set. Well, They aren’t a different size and on top of that they send two left pieces and no right ones. So that was a bit annoying.

Sound quality. Well it seems to depend on the audio you are putting through. I have whatever goes for maximum quality downloaded tracks from Spotify ranging from classical to electronic to country to alternative to rock. Rock sounds terrible. I mean just a scratchy muddled mess. Electronic seems to do a bit better. But here’s the weird thing, it seems that after a time of use the base starts to come through and things get clearer. Rock is still not great but this is not just my ears getting used to the terrible sound. Playing with the EQ was not able to fox the initial terrible sound quality. Using separate audio tracks I have on my phone the same is true. Rock is just terrible initially then after a while it seems to clear up a bit but never gets great.

Now, the audio is not bad really for the price I paid. There was a hefty coupon available from Amazon making these about $20 CAD delivered.

That’s pretty impressive and you know what? For a relaxing ASMR session they work plenty fine. Can I recommend them for audiophiles? No. For someone who wants a long lasting pair of wireless earbuds to last a shift as work, these’ll do the trick.

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