2019 Nissan Frontier Ongoing Review

2019 Nissan Frontier Ongoing Review

I picked up my new Nissan Frontier over four months ago and I thought I would go over it in more detail since I have had more time to get to know the truck more, uh, intimately?

First, I love this truck. I love that it doesn’t have all the glamorous technology that the other newer trucks have. I love that it is simple yet has a huge amount of capability. I love it’s design. I love the colour. I love the engine and the sound it makes. I love that this truck has proven so reliable that it is still being sold fifteen years later with minor changes (at least until the 2021 model year for Canada as the 2020 model year was skipped).

There are some minor things to mention that I am not as amazed with. This includes the cubbies all over the cab that don’t really fit anything in particular including my cell phone (LG Velvet 5G) very well. The USB port doesn’t output a lot of power so there is no fast charging on board without a 12V adapter. The arm rest on the centre console really is too low. These all stem from a design that was clearly something from 2005. Not really a surprise. Smarphones had barely had a chance to take off yet at that point and most devices back then did not charge via USB but through a 12V adapter.

At about 3500 KM I had my first maintenance done on the truck and, even with Ontario now back into a ludicrous lock-down once again, my Nissan dealership in Chatham, Ontario made booking it in for the service a breeze. Typically I would just take it to a fast lube shop to do the oil change or my quite local service station but I did need the truck to see Nissan.

Yes, my truck needed some warranty work. Nothing powertrain related. You see, while my dad and I were out truck shopping for him a couple months ago I rolled down my passenger window to talk to him as he was walking around (no I wasn’t being lazy). When I went to put it up the window would not roll up. The only way I was able to get it to go up again was to slam the door closed while holding the window button to go up. It did go up then. Usually that’s an indication of a wire not making connection.

Chatham Nissan took care of it satisfactorily. They checked and re-tightened wiring going to the window motor and greased the window rails. The window is working great now though I will keep an eye on it and on another update I will let you all know how it is performing.

Other than that the truck has performed great.

I haven’t forgotten about my Honda Civic Si though. I had almost sold it but decided to hang on to for now as I really like the car and I can afford keep it. I usually drive it on the weekends when the weather isn’t poor purely for recreation. It’s a fun car in it’s own way just as my Nissan Frontier is it’s own as well.

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