Glorious Model O-

Glorious Model O-

Another mouse I picked up for review is something I found on Amazon while doing mouse research. I had never heard of Glorious before and looked into them. They are a company that I would say is deeply serious about gaming performance and as such has made some pretty interesting PC peripherals specifically for gaming.

Of course I am speaking of the Glorious Model O-. Yeah, it’s an odd name and I don’t know the reasoning behind it other than it’s unique compared to other mice on the market.

I’ve mentioned before that I have small hands and I have been attracted to mice like the SteelSeries Rival 3, Logitech G203 and Zowie EC2A in the past because of this. I can’t believe it but the Glorious Model O- (minus meaning small) is even smaller than the Rival 3. And I love it.


Typically I am not a fan of these new honeycomb holes cut in all the “serious” gaming mice but in this case they are small enough that the mouse remains comfortable during use. I chose the matte black version of the Model O- and the texture is pretty smooth with a slight texture. Even with all the holes it still feels incredibly strong. I do appreciate that Glorious did not put holes in the sides of the mouse. There’s another mouse that I will be reviewing shortly that had holes in the side that you could thankfully swap out for solid sides.

The left and right mouse buttons are slightly curved to allow for a nice resting place for your fingers. There is a centre button between them that allows for selection of DPI. The RGB scroll wheel feels really good. The detents are strong enough to do their job but not so hard that it makes it hard to spin the wheel or too soft to prevent over-scrolling.

On the left side there are your standard thumb buttons that feel really positive in use. There is no mushiness at all. along the side there is also an RGB strip. Also along the side is a gray-scale image of Glorious’ logo. Very tasteful.

The bottom of the Model O- is simple. It has for skates that are not quite as smooth as the Rival 3 but fine overall. The fantastic Pixart PMW-3360 sensor lies in the centre of the mouse and beside that is the indicator of the DPI setting (a bit of an odd location but other mice do that as well).


The braided USB cable is long and extremely flexible. It has never gotten in the way of anything while I game while, admittedly very occasionally, my Rival 3 will get caught on something like my monitor’s base.

The mouse’s RGB and DPI settings can all be controlled through Glorious’ software available on their site for download. Sadly the RGB, while it has multiple zones of lighting cannot be completely customised. You can set a static colour but if you want different colours to scroll through the zones it has to be set to one of the couple rainbow settings. SteelSeries really excels here with their software where you can select different colours for different zones. Hopefully Glorious does this down the road.

The mouse does come with default settings that don’t require the software but if you want to change settings the software is required. That said when you have set your settings it will save to the mouse and you can uninstall the software if you wish.

Overall while playing my staple game World of Warships and my new favourite, Outriders, this is a great mouse. It’s incredibly light without feeling cheap making it a pleasure to play with. The price may make some people a little concerned as it’s $79.99 CAD but I assure you it’s worth every penny especially if you have small hands. I actually plan on buying a regular Model O as the O- is almost too small!

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