Venatos Swapper Pro Gaming Mouse

Venatos Swapper Pro Gaming Mouse

Followers of this website know that I am always looking for interesting peripherals for my computer setups and when I happened upon a Canadian based gaming company I had to jump in and take a look at what they had.

Venatos is relatively new and they offer the typical computer peripherals including a fully-customizable RGB mouse, keyboards and mousepads. Not a huge amount of gear but on par with other brands out there

This mouse costs a little under $90 CAD with free shipping from Venatos. The Venatos Swapper Pro is an ambitious mouse designed with customizability in mind. The mouse ships with an all honeycombed case. That includes the top and sides of the mouse. Where this mouse becomes custom is you can replace the sides and top with solid pieces or a combination of them all. 

Initially the mouse I received was missing the solid sides but had come with the top plate. I emailed Venatos and heard nothing back. After my third email they did get back to me and mailed me two solid sides and an extra solid back for my mouse. I was disappointed originally with the response but they did come through in the end. And it wasn’t like the mouse wasn’t usable, it just was not comfortable for me with the size of the honeycombs.

The side and top panels are magnetically attached and easy to swap. Really well thought out. I also like the deer logo on the solid back. It feels very Canadian.

The RGB that surround the back of the mouse and the wheel looks great and is customizable. 

The PMW 3389 sensor is great and can be customized up to a 16000 DPI. It also has a 1000Hz poll rate. Since this mouse is so light with and without the it does make it easy fling around. It is also easy to switch between DPI modes though with the two buttons behind the scroll wheel.

Venatos offers a pretty comprehensive piece of software to setup macros and to customize the RGB. Some of the RGB modes are kind of wacky but still pretty neat.

I wish I could say I love this mouse. I love the look of it. I love the RGB. The scroll wheel is great. The back and forward buttons on the left side work and feel fine. The left and right mouse buttons are plainly not good. The buttons are long and, at least on the mouse I received, the switches won’t actuate on all parts of the button. This is a real problem. I initially attributed this to the fact that this mouse is really too large for my hand but I lent this mouse out to Dan who has much larger hands than myself and he had the same issues. In fact he also found the mouse to be too large. I also felt especially in the case of the left button it was not a confident feeling click when we got it to click correctly at all.

I think this mouse could do with a smaller version as I really do think the shape is decent.

Would I recommend the Venatos Swapper Pro? No I can’t. I really wish I could but both Dan and I agree when I say that we can’t figure out who it’s for. If it is too large for his hands we can’t tell who it would work for well. 

If you have had a better time with the mouse let me know in the comments or get in touch with us at the Contact Us page above.

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