Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro

There were a few deals to be had after the US Thanksgiving (and for some reason Canada as well) this year and so I picked up a few goodies as any good tech person would.

This year I picked up a trio of cheap brand name gaming mice and today we’re going to take a look at the Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro.

In general I am typically not a fan of pretty much any of Corsair’s gaming products. Their keyboards are way to expensive for what you get and their mice at made for people that have giant hands. The Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro may be an exception to both of those.

The Harpoon RGB Pro has a unique shape. Length-wise it is relatively short but it has a high profile making it really ideal for those gamers that use a claw style grip. Since I have small fingers and a large palm there is a ridge along the left side that is not necessarily uncomfortable but doesn’t feel that great in use. Those with a true claw grip may not even notice it.

The build of the mouse is sturdy and not overly light conveying a bit of quality. The surface texture on top is a bit course for my liking but it’s not bad. The sides have have some convex dimpling on them which is OK but not something I particularly like.

The buttons are the main event here. And they are pretty good all around. The left and right buttons are a little light but not nearly as bad as the Razer Deathadder Essential I reviewed in the past. The side buttons feel very good and are not mushy at all. They’re also in a good position for my thumb which is not always the case. The scroll wheel is neat on this mouse as it “floats” in between the left and right mouse buttons. It functions as you would expect though it makes some nasty sounds sometimes. Pushing down on the scroll wheel shows off a very precise third button. Really like that even though I typically never use a third button. The DPI button located behind the scroll wheel has a good enough resistance that you can’t accidentally press it and the level of DPI is shown by the colour on the RGB corsair logo on the back of the mouse.

It is important to note that the rubber cable is not centred on the mouse as there is no centre section on the mouse. Instead the cable is located under the left mouse button. You wouldn’t think this would be a cause for concern but you do notice it if you are using a laptop on a limited surface like a lap desk like I am while typing this review. sometimes the cable will end up against the laptop. This would likely not be an issue in a larger area or a desk.

Speaking of RGB, you can change the colour of that Corsair logo to whatever you want using Corsair’s iCUE software. iCUE is actually well designed and easy to navigate. I appreciate that especially after using some of the terrible software for mechanical keyboards out there. You can also set the DPI levels to whatever you like within the software as well.

For those on a budget I think the Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro is a good option. Especially if you typically use a claw grip. This may be less comfortable for those that use other grip styles. In that case my top pick is still the Logitech G203 of which I will have an updated review coming shortly.

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