Anholi G25 Gaming Mouse with Cooling Fan

Anholi G25 Gaming Mouse with Cooling Fan

Nine bucks? Yep, I’ll take one. That’s what I said when I did a search for gaming mice under $25 CAD on Amazon. Amazon returned me with the Anholi G25.

The crazy part is, it’s not just the price that blew me away, its the claimed performance and holy grail feature included. For $9 CAD you get a mouse that is capable of 8000DPI, rainbow RGB effect, and a BLOODY FAN built in.

Turns out there are several cheapo mice out there with fans built in though I have never seen one from a major gaming manufacturer like Logitech or the like. But this one is by far the cheapest. The G25 is even cheap for a gaming mouse period let alone the specs.

The G25 comes in a plain brown box containing the mouse (protected by a foam bag), a thin manual that really is only a spec sheet and marketing and a set of new extra skates.

The shell is basically a ripoff of the Logitech G203 which, I mean, the G203 has a pretty good shape to it so imitation is flattery? Logitech probably wouldn’t agree with that. The G25 does differ slightly with a bit more sculpting on the left and right mouse buttons. Anyway, it fits the hand nicely. Oh and of course there is honeycombing to make the mouse lighter and allow the fan to be useful.

The weight is, well it’s not that light and no surprise. It has a fan built in. I would say it’s similar in weight to the Steelseries Rival 3 which really is nothing to scoff at.

The left and right buttons feel heavier than most mice but not bad. The scroll wheel has very little for detents, though they are there, but it still scrolls nicely. There’s less downward force required to press the wheel down and I can see that being an issue while gaming. I didn’t have a problem while gaming though. The DPI button located behind the scroll wheel pretty hard to press down and it gives me the feeling if you press too hard you may break something. The page forward and back buttons function but are very mushy. That said they didn’t feel like they were going to break so that’s a pass for me.

The included skates glide nicely on hard surfaces and on couch cushions. Why couch cushions? Well the old school red light optical sensor has a hard time on shiny hard surfaces which my laptop table is made of. That said, it works remarkably well on a textured couch surface.

The RGB lighting is okay. really basically three LEDs that mix and match to make different colours in a coarse way. They are bright though with the fan running they can dim randomly.

Speaking of the fan, it has a switch on the bottom to turn it on and off. The sensation of the fan blowing on your hand during use is very unique. I am not sure if it would actually stop my hand from sweating though. The fan itself is not great in the quality department. It does move a lot of air but watching it you can clearly see it stopping and going in random spurts indicating to me it barely works. The fan makes noise though to my ears, especially with your hand over the mouse you really can’t hear it.

Jiggling the G25 you can feel the scroll wheel is loose makes noise but everything else seems pretty secure.

Would I recommend the Anholi G25? I mean it’s incredibly cheap at $9 CAD. And the sensor functions fine on a mouse pad or even on a couch! 8000DPI is nothing to hate either. The fan is the real party trick here and I gotta say, I like it. If I had confidence the fan would last longer I would fully recommend this mouse but I think this will be in the electronics recycling bin in short order.

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