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Technobabble 037 – E3 in Hindsight First a little bit Tech   AMD Zen-based Hygon Dhyana CPUs start to appear Efficient cheap Ryzen CPUs AMD’s North Star might arrive for Christmas 9000 iSeries Intel CPUs   Nintendo   Fornite Launches Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dec 7   Sony   Death Stranding trailer Last of … Continue reading Technobabble 037 – E3 in Hindsight

Technobabble 035 – Life is Life

Join Jeff and Dan as they discuss the lastest in tech news. Technobabble 035 - ...Life is Life

Technobabble Episode 034 – Return of the Podcast

Join Jeff and Dan as they discuss the latest in tech and gaming news. News   AMD Ryzen 2200G and 2400G Released AMD Makes Gen2 Ryzen Boot Kit Available Intel says 6-Core Mobile CPUs coming Airtop2 is coming Xbox One 1440p Support Incoming Final Fantasy XV … Continue reading Technobabble Episode 034 – Return of the Podcast

State of the Technobabble

Rally ho! We are having some terrible difficulties with out Skype Box and as such we will not have a podcast this week. This deeply disappoints both Dan and I and we assure you we will be back as soon as possible with another episode of Technobabble.