Technobabble 043 – RANTZ Newsly News   AMD vs Intel vs Nvidia   Hardware and Software   Gaming   Rants Music by Kevin Macleod from Creative Commons.

You Me & Tech 006 – You Me & the Internet Join Cynth, Jeff and Dan as they look at the Internet and how it has changed how we communicate and share. All links mentioned in the podcast are located at the bottom of this description. Random “WOW! FACTS!”: Did you know that there’s high speed internet available all the way up Mt. Everest? Did … Continue reading You Me & Tech 006 – You Me & the Internet

Technobabble 042 – I Didn’t Even! PC News   AMD and Intel   NEW GPUUUUUUUUS!   Other News   Gaming News   Podcast can be found Itunes Spotify Our website   Music by Kevin MacLeod from   Check out for upcoming reviews including a … Continue reading Technobabble 042 – I Didn’t Even!

Technobabble 039 – Even More COARZ Tech News CPUS PC Hardware Gaming Hardware Gaming Software Geektainment Music “Voice Over Under” by Kevin MacLeod - - Creative Commons Attribution

Technobabble 037 – E3 in Hindsight First a little bit Tech   AMD Zen-based Hygon Dhyana CPUs start to appear Efficient cheap Ryzen CPUs AMD’s North Star might arrive for Christmas 9000 iSeries Intel CPUs   Nintendo   Fornite Launches Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dec 7   Sony   Death Stranding trailer Last of … Continue reading Technobabble 037 – E3 in Hindsight