Signing Off…

Signing Off…

Hi everyone. I promised I wasn’t going to do this and especially since we are getting more and more traffic for the podcast. But I’m ending the Technobabble Podcast and all other podcasts that I produced through this website.

Technobabble has a long history going all the way back to the dawn of the Podcast era. It was one of the first out there. While we never really took off big I recorded that podcast for years.

This was a hard decision to make. I really love podcasting. It’s the closest I will ever get to doing a radio show but still have complete creative control.

The annoying bit is I’ve had to change how I record. Recording on the road in my truck is not enjoyable and the audio quality is not anything like I want it to be. And, as it turns out, carrying extra electronics in your truck and then being inspected at the border makes you suspicious even if you say you are a podcaster and general tech enthusiast.

Also losing my co-host has been really hard. I think being able to bounce back and forth on issues was a lot more fun. That said I totally understand why Dan had to move on.

I want to thank the loyal listeners of the Technobabble Podcast. The archive will remain on Libsysn but there will be no new episodes from here on as I have closed the podcast.

I also want to thank Dan, Cynthia, and Kevin for being along for so many episodes of Technobabble, The Gaming Lounge, You, Me and Tech and Recording the Heck Outta Politics. They were all great fun to record with you all.

While I plan on keeping up with tech and from time to time reviewing different things I do expect this website to get a bit slow. It was always a labour of love, and I do still love it, it’s just not as big of a priority as it used to be.

Thanks again for listening and reading.

Jeff B.

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