Linus of Linus Tech Tips Exposes the Dark Inner Workings of Apple’s Repair Policies

Linus of Linus Tech Tips released an update to the iMac Pro debacle to YouTube and we now know the struggle he has been having getting parts to repair his “professional” system.

It comes out in the video that during the deconstruction of the iMac Pro the Warranty Void if Removed stickers were destroyed effectively doubling the price of the board to around $5000. He didn’t take that for an answer.

Watch the video and let us know what you think of Apple’s policies towards it’s consumers and its authorized Apple repair shops.

Seven Tech YouTuber’s to Watch


If you are new to computers or new to YouTube there are a ton of great channels to check out to get your technology fix. Many of you may be aware of these picks already but if you aren’t you’ll be glad you have see these here. Also these aren’t in any particular order they’re just how they sprung to mind. Continue reading “Seven Tech YouTuber’s to Watch”