Seven Tech YouTuber’s to Watch

Seven Tech YouTuber’s to Watch


If you are new to computers or new to YouTube there are a ton of great channels to check out to get your technology fix. Many of you may be aware of these picks already but if you aren’t you’ll be glad you have see these here. Also these aren’t in any particular order they’re just how they sprung to mind.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Sebastian started his channel with the company he was working for called NCIX. You may be aware of NCIX as one of the premier Canadian and American computer hardware internet retailers. He’s since moved on from NCIX and with a great team of people he has created his own company called Linus Media Group.

Linus focuses on mostly brand new tech and does not throw softballs. If he or his team doesn’t like a product he is happy to tell it to you straight. He does daily videos that are usually up to around ten minutes long.


Jay often gets funny comments from people thinking that he is actually Jay-Z and he couldn’t be anywhere further from. Jay’s emphasis is on reviewing video cards, and water cooling with a particular interest in overclocking. If you are into video cards Jay is the one to check out.

The Ben Heck Show

This isn’t necessarily computers but many of the things Ben Heckendorn does revolves around using tech in interesting ways and programming it to do what he wants. He came to light when discovered by Engadget for building the first ever “XBOX 360 Laptop”. Ever since then Ben has gone on to create all kinds of things like handheld classic computers and game consoles, electronic board games and even a pinball table. Check this out if you are in to creating things.

Paul’s Hardware

Paul got his start at Newegg doing videos for them amongst other things and decided to branch out on his own. He does a monthly computer build and reviews anything from video cards to motherboards and peripherals. Reviews are always honest and down to the point.

Awesomesauce Network now BitWit

Kyle had the same start as Paul and gave the Youtube thing a try at nearly the same time. He does about the same thing as Paul but has an added twist with his unique sense of humour. He is a fun guy to watch and worth every visit to his channel.


Ian is an interesting character. His videos tend to be fairly long so grab some popcorn and a comfy seat as they go anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. He has an interesting sense of humour though his quips at marijuana aren’t necessarily my style. He focuses on doing interesting things with older pc’s and macintosh’s such as installing hardware that they were not necessarily designed to use and making them work. If this sounds interesting check it out.

Leo Laporte is know for his days at TechTV and later G4TechTV as the host of Call for Help and The Screen Savers. He gathered a large cult following in those days and some years after the demise of both shows he nearly solely began what would eventually be called podcasts. Though I don’t think he is really accredited for that he took to it aggressively. He now runs a large “netcast” network called TWiT named for the original show that he broadcast called This Week in Tech and broadcasts all his shows live on his website through video and audio.

TWiT has started posting shows and segments from their shows on YouTube and if you haven’t checked them out do it now!

Do you have some favourite tech shows that you watch on YouTube or tech podcasts that you love? Let us know below.

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