AMD RX 480 – Where Are All the Cards?

AMD RX 480 – Where Are All the Cards?

xfxrx480.jpgAMD released the RX 480 to much fanfare amongst “Team Red”. The big selling point? GTX 970 power for only $199 USD. Whoa. That’s a lot of bang for your buck. If they’d get stock to the market.

I have had a pair of XFX RX 480s on order for some time now. Stock has been super slow to arrive. It’s funny because AMD even announced that there was plenty of stock available at launch but it’s been hard to see any stock anywhere in Canada since launch. There just aren’t any available.

In the mean time AMD has launched the RX 470 and RX 460. No doubt since the specs aren’t that far off from the RX 480 with the RX 470 they are hoping to quell some of the rush for the former card. Problem is those cards are on backorder as well.

It seems to me either AMD knowingly was not prepared for the RX 480 launch but perhaps didn’t even understand the demand for this new graphics card.

There is something to be said for holding back stock though. We saw Nintendo work their low stock masterfully with the Wii and it served only to create even more demand. The issue here is that AMD does not have the gimmick that the Wii had. In fact now that the GTX 1060 is out for nearly the same cost I find it hard to believe that AMD can justify holding stock back any longer.

I know one thing, Farpoint is anxiously awaiting it’s RX 480s. Hopefully they will ship soon.

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