This week was a week of firsts. Not only did I make my first post on this website, but I also set my computer on fire for the first time.

Okay, not quite fire….just a red hot glowing, smokey mess.

Those of you who read my personal rig introduction may have noted that I only had two LED fans on the top of my In Win 303 case; well, that’s because, when I pressed my third 120mm BitFenix Spectre PWM into service, it chose death instead.

The cable connecting the fan to my physically melted in an electrical inferno. I killed the power pretty quick, but I’m afraid the fan must now be retired…to a junk heap.

The post-mortem assessment and conclusion, I’m 75% sure I got a lemon, while 5% of me is still wondering what I did wrong. The other 20% of me is focused entirely on getting a sandwich.

I wonder if BitFenix does RMAs on lungs….