Oddball Game of the Month – Nefarious

To cater to the secret supervillain in all of us, February’s game of the month is Nefarious.

Nefarious is a 2D action platformer where you play as plucky supervillain Crow, a witty mechanical genius from a long line of bird-themed bad guys. Your goal? Why, to capture princesses to power your death ray and subdue the nations of the world under your iron (mechanical) fist, of course!

In a world full of references to old video games, you must work your way through levels with nothing but your wit, jumping skills, a fist that can punch through blocks so long as they are purple, and a grenade launcher.


The real interesting bit of this game is the boss battles, in which you, of course, are the bad guy. This means you drive giant mechanical abominations of doom and attempt to squish the annoyingly hoppy heroes as they attempt to bring an end to your evil plans.


The platforming itself is decent (despite me being terrible at platforming), but there’s nothing revolutionary. The boss battles and humour is where it really shines.


Unfortunately, this game still has a few glitches to work out. During my run, I fell through the earth to my untimely death on several occasions. Sometimes, after loading the game, the characters on your ship are just missing and cannot be interacted with. On one particularly frustrating level, I kept bouncing off of invisible walls.

The game is also around 3-4 hours unless you are a real completionist, and features two possible endings. A bit on the short side.

For $15 USD/ $17 CAD on Steam, I found it an entertaining venture.

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