The LG V20

The LG V20

Throw away that iPhone, people! It’s time for simplicity with options!

I remember back in 2012 when I was finally ready to part ways with my V8 horsepower beauty… The ’93 Ford Crown Victoria that I appropriately names Angus. During the process of getting my new vehicle, I remember making a comment to my wife and the salesman, “Wow. Look at all of the cool new things in here! It even hooks up to my phone! I can make calls, listen to music, use the CD player, satellite radio, and my brakes actually work!” The salesman gave me a funny look for mentioning CD’s, but we all had a great chuckle.

But why am I putting myself through all of this pain writing about Angus? Here’s the deal folks. I switched from my iPhone 5 to an LG V20, and I just gotta say, I’m ecstatic that I did. The LG V20 not only has a sleek design with a large screen, the power in this phone is definitely an improvement over the iPhone. Obviously, I had an iPhone 5 instead of the brand new iPhone 7 million, but has anyone noticed with every new iPhone released that there is nothing actually new put into the newest version except for your bank account to be flushed down the toilet? It’s true. And if you are an iPhone fan, I’m not judging you at all. I’m just here to tell you that the technology in the iPhone is not advanced or new. So, if you want things to be simple like I used to want, then stick with the iPhone.

To be more specific of why the LG V20 is better than an iPhone is because of the Android system. There is so much customization and options with everything that you do. I won’t get too specific on the Android system and its benefits because this review is supposed to be about the phone and not the system in general. But besides the Android system, the LG V20 is equipped with a dual screen. The Dual screen is located appropriately starting at the very top portion where you see in the above picture that has Facebook, camera, and the other applications. The bottom portion of the screen is basically everything underneath that top portion of the phone with the other applications. The cool thing about the screens is that a text can come in and you can see a small portion of it at the top of your screen and then you can tap it to immediately be sent to the messaging screen. That messaging example also works the same with phone calls, which is really cool when you’re using the phone as a old school Gameboy. Aside from that, the power seems to be pretty great with all the gaming I do on the phone. And the security of the phone is a lot nicer than the iPhone. You can do a pattern type of security option, as well as do the fingerprint option, which is always nice for instant access to your phone. Also compared to the iPhone, your notifications don’t go away immediately when you unlock the phone. Now this is actually an amazing thing since the notifications will take you directly to what the notification is referring to, where as on the iPhone, the notifications will immediately be erased. If you remember everything I had said about the new iOS for the iPhone, you’ll know that I started being disappointed in Apple’s direction of change.

The thing to get used to is that the fingerprint spot is also the power button on the LG V20, but the interesting thing is not so much about the fingerprinting itself, but that the button is on the back of the phone. For most people the power button location would be awesome, but I could see if you have a short finger that it would be a little more difficult to hit that button. The only other thing I could really see being a problem for some people with the LG V20 would be that the phone is MASSIVE. I have personally converted to loving a large phone now thanks to the LG V20, and the fact that I love gaming on the phone with my guilty pleasure of Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Mobius Final Fantasy. Remember that with a dual screen, if your phone screen does end up breaking, it will cost you a lot of money to replace the screen / phone. But what’s new? If a screen breaks on any phone, you’re pretty much screwed no matter how you look at it.

You know me and how I lay it all out there for the normal user when I’m talking about technology of the every day life, and I’m here to tell you that this phone will change your life for the better in little ways that give you a little more excitement about the day. The Android system is absolutely superior to the iPhone system, and you will not be disappointed about changing from an iPhone to a Android based phone. You’ll find that the change of system alone by having live wallpapers (which is basically a wallpaper that moves when you either move physically or when you’re changing application pages on your phone), easy access to your notifications, and an extremely simple app store called the Play Store, will make everything you do even easier than when you had the older iPhone versions. Other than just those simple things, the dual screen allows for easy access to your messages, calling, and your favorite apps when you’re in another application on your phone, including games. The big screen will make you feel like you’re not an old person anymore because you can actually see what you’re doing now, too! What can I say? Just buy the thing already.

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