You Me and Tech 005 – Online Reviews

Online Reviews and the end of personal thought/opinion   History:   in 1999, three websites appeared on the internet and set in motion the new “social trend” of online reviews.,, and   Dan, have you ever bought, played, or gone anywhere without consulting a review?   -According to 90% of … Continue reading You Me and Tech 005 – Online Reviews

The LG V20

Throw away that iPhone, people! It's time for simplicity with options! I remember back in 2012 when I was finally ready to part ways with my V8 horsepower beauty... The '93 Ford Crown Victoria that I appropriately names Angus. During the process of getting my new vehicle, I remember making a comment to my wife and the salesman, … Continue reading The LG V20

You Me and Tech 003 – Robots and AI On this episode of You, Me & Tech, Cynthia and Jeff dive into the world and history of artificial technology and robots, and reveal the fears that people have with developing this specific technology. Show Notes:

You Me and Tech 2 – Wearable Tech On this second episode of You, Me & Tech we dive into the history of wearable technology, it's impact on our lives, and the exciting future of it all. Links: A brief history of wearable technology: Magic Leap: Google Android Wear 2.0: Blocks Wearable Technology: Under Armor Smart Running Shoe: HoloLens: Here One smart … Continue reading You Me and Tech 2 – Wearable Tech