Cougar Minos X3 – The Best Value Gaming Mouse?

Cougar Minos X3 – The Best Value Gaming Mouse?

As many of you may know I have a thing for keyboards and mice. The good an the bad. Today we’re taking a look at Cougar’s Minos X3.

I’ll be honest. Cougar is not really a company I go to for a performance product. They do have some cool looking cases and mice though and after a few reviews I knew I had to pick up a Cougar Minos 3.

You see, Cougar has gone straight for the jugular here. They decided that there’s no reason that you can’t have it all for $39.99 CAD. Seriously. We have a completely customizable high end 3310 sensor that is usually found in much more expensive mice like my go to Zowie EC2-A. There are four DPI and USB polling rate settings that can be changed by two switches on the bottom of the mouse. DPI selections include 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. Polling rates include 125, 250, 500, and 1000.

The X3 feels a lot like the EC2-A in use. Each mouse has the same settings though in practice they are much easier to select on the X3. There’s nothing in the way of acceleration which is great. The left and right buttons are perhaps just very slightly squishier but have less travel than on the EC2-A but still satisfyingly clicky. The back and forward thumb buttons are firm enough that it takes more than a passing accidental press to activate them. The scroll wheel is very good and it’s button is nice and firm.

Taken from Cougar’s Minos X3 product page.

Cougar didn’t stop there. They went ahead and added RGB lighting to the thing! It has ten settings. The first setting is a slow scroll through the full RGB spectrum. Second is a full scroll through the spectrum again but with a fade in and out setting. The rest are static colours that are sure to fit with any colour theme you like.

The Cougar feels good in the hand though it’s an ambidextrous design so not exactly my favourite style. That said it feels better in my hand than the Final Mouse Scream One (v2). Perhaps it’s the size? The cougar is slightly smaller than the Final Mouse matching about the same size as the EC2-A. This is great as I have a smaller hand than most people.

The best thing about this mouse is that it’s only $39.99 CAD. That’s a huge value! In fact, if this mouse had been available around the time I was searching for a gaming mouse it may have well won out against the EC2-A.

Would I recommend the Cougar Minos X3? Mice are very subjective and where some mice some people like others do not. If you have a smaller hand that fits well with a Zowie EC2-A or FK2 then you would probably really enjoy the Minos X3. That said, even Dan, who has rather large hands, likes the feel of the X3. You can click the link above to check out the X3 on Amazon.

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