Final Mouse Scream – Am I Screaming Because I’m Happy?

Final Mouse Scream – Am I Screaming Because I’m Happy?

Anyone who’s anyone in the FPS scene absolutely adores Final Mouse. It’s really a match made in heaven. It’s designed by a gamer for gamers. What could go wrong?

I have been using the Final Mouse Scream since the official launch but not as my daily driver. I have never felt that it was comfortable enough to use on a full time basis. The finish is very good. No rattles anywhere though I have heard that that is a problem with some other examples that have been shipped. Mine has always felt tight.

The Scream ships with the best sensor on the market, the 3360. The left mouse button is nice and clicky and the right is nearly as clicky but has a bit more sponge. The back and forward buttons are firm enough that you won’t have any accidental presses. The scroll wheel is a little on the smooth side for me but I can see the advantages for smooth switching in certain games. Pressing down on the scroll wheel is firm but has a satisfying click.


The DPI button is located behind the scroll wheel which is pretty convenient. Even my go to mouse, the Zowie EC2-A and my new number two mouse the Cougar Minos X3 require you to go under the mouse to change DPI settings. This is something that some gamers may appreciate more than others. I don’t find myself changing DPI settings often. Or ever…

The mouse is ambidextrous in design though the back and forward buttons cannot be moved to the other side. It’s dorsal curve is not as curvey as I’d like making the Scream feel like it’s built for bigger hands. As I said before I’ve never felt that it was very comfortable in my hand.

I have not had any problems with the mouse though. The original release of this mouse was plagued with quality issues but it seems I must have gotten one of the later released mice. I can find no fault with the mouse other than the price. While it has a really nice finish with a slightly rubbery coating up top and has a nice white LED backlight I just don’t see how the price is justified. That said many people would say the same thing about my favourite mouse the Zowie EC2-A. It has no real perks but I feel the fit, finish and shaping are just far beyond what the Scream delivers.

Should you buy one? Well if you are a fan of the Razer Deathadder the Final Mouse Scream is very similar. I think the Scream is a little better quality and I don’t like paying the “Razer” tax. It’s not a bad mouse at all. The 3360 sensor serves the mouse well even if the mouse itself is a little bare-bones for the $89.99 price tag.

It’s worth mentioning that many of the non-hardware issues with the Scream were dealt with with a firmware update available on Final Mouse’s website.

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