Technobabble 023 – Doctor What?

Technobabble 023 – Doctor What?

Join Jeff, Dan and Cynthia as they discuss the latest in tech news. We visit Net Neutrailty, fingerprints as boarding passes, Verizon throttling Netflix and the latest in geek entertainment.

Hardware News

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Motherboards to be Showcased on July 25th

Benchmarks Find Intel i7-7700K better than i7-7800X for gaming

Seagate ships Nytro 141 low cost consumer SSD,35045.html

Google Glass is back as Industrial tool,35035.html

Delta Passengers can now use fingerprints as their boarding pass

Industry News

Amazon discounts are misleading you

Amazon keeps popular stuff in stock by buying out other’s stock

Intel says Qualcomm is trying to kill competition

FCC gets over 10 million comments on Net Neutrality

Verizon admits to throttling Netflix

Youtube kills video editing tools

Google Streetview now lets you explore the ISS

Ford GT generates over 100GB of data an hour




Geek Entertainment

New Inhuman’s trailer

The Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first movie ended

New Doctor Who revealed. It’s A Laday!

Chewie’s wife may be in the Han Solo movie?

Mega Man movie in the works

Doctor Doom movie in development

STARGATE: ORIGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!121111BBQ

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