Oddball Game of the Month July – Company of Heroes 2

Oddball Game of the Month is back for July!


…in August.

Despite this minor detail, July’s game is Company of Heroes 2


If you’ve listened to my aimless blathering on the awesome podcast that is the RBG Gaming Lounge (totally check that out by the way), you are probably aware of my never ending search for great strategy games. Whether due to nostalgia or simply fantastic game design of the Golden Age of Westwood Studios and Blizzard pumping out epics, nothing seems to quite scratch that itch.

Company of Heroes 2 comes ever so close.

Based in World War II and released back in 2013 , Company of Heroes 2 features excellent graphics and a visceral, brutal style that is very satisfying.


Resources in the game are done by capture points scattered across the map, which can be developed into Munitions or Fuel Depots to produce more of that particular resource.

You also have abilities and units unique to the commander you select, and the more powerful units and abilities are unlocked by level ups thanks to points you get by taking objectives and destroying enemy units.


Unlike many modern RTS games fall into the trap of not having enough multiplayer maps, but CoH2 boasts a solid amount.


Sounds good, right?


Unfortunately, there is one major downside:

There are only two factions in the base game, and three other factions available through DLC…and this DLC is not cheap at all, coming it at ~$14 Canadian each. This means that without spending extra money, your interest can wane fairly quickly. Mine definitely did.

The game also suffers from a lack of depth of units for each faction, which makes the issue with DLC stand out even more.


All in all, if you can get the Master Collection on sale I recommend this game.


The base game currently retails for $22 Canadian on Steam, and the Master Collection comes in at $45.

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