Keychron K6 Hot-Swap Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron K6 Hot-Swap Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

Another Day. Another Keyboard. Let’s do this!

Since you recently read the review on the Keychron K12 I am going to skip the details on the basics on this one. Suffice to say that the Keychron K6 uses essentially the same platform as the K12 but is a 68 key (65%) unit giving access to a few more functions while remaining almost the same size as the K12.

For instance, with the K6 you now have easy access to your arrow keys along with dedicated light function key, Home, Page Up and Page down. You will see in the picture of my K6 below also has a Windows button next to the arrow keys. That actually is a second Function button. There just wasn’t another FN button in the set. It is nice having access to these functions though honestly I would have preferred having access to Delete instead of Home and I do wish there was a way to change that. Alas there is not.

Sorry for another potato picture but this is my K6 with the AKKO keycaps. Above is part of my HyperX Alloy Origins 60

I did pick this up in the Gateron brown switch flavour as I often do and I have not swapped them out in this case, at least, not yet. I do have to say these browns feel very scratchy compared to what I’m used to so I don’t know if there was a quality issue at Gateron for this back or what but they are far from the best Gateron browns I have ever typed on.

I did, however, swap in some new keycaps again this time going for the AKKO Psittacus 157 key set. They are high quality double-shot PBT keycaps in the slightly lower Cherry profile compared to the higher OEM profile Keychron tends to use. The quality of this set is phenomenal. They have a fantastic texture to their surface and the legends are very high quality and will never wear since they are literally part of the keycap and not printed on.

AKKO Psittacus 157 Cherry Profile Keycap Set.

The RGB is all controlled the same as the K12 through function keys and all the connectivity of the K12 is here as well. I should mention here as I never mentioned it before that I have not used the Bluetooth connectivity as I don’t take these keyboards around with me. And if I did I would bring a cable with. I just prefer a hardware connection. Call me old fashioned.

This is my favourite keyboard from Keychron at the moment. When the Q2 is released I think that may change but we will see. I have a couple other keyboards coming from Kickstarter campaigns as well and that may throw things in the air as well.

If I could change anything I would change the Home key (which in my picture earlier is a “-” key as the AKKO set didn’t have a correct row profile for a home button that position) for a Delete button. Other than that perhaps a little brighter LEDs. Other than that, I like the value here and with the added buttons you can really use this keyboard for some real productivity.

K6. Highly recommended.

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