Keychron K7 Low-Profile Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron K7 Low-Profile Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboard

I told you I had several keyboards to review. Here’s another from Keychron that’s near the top of my favourites.

The Keychron K7 is basically the same as the K6 I reviewed previously but in a low profile form factor.

Keychron has come a long way from the original K1 that I backed on Kickstarter some time ago. They have expanded their keyboard offerings quite a lot. The K7 is one of the more recent but doesn’t pull any surprises here. It still is on the same basic platform as the other Keychron offerings so we have a Mac and PC setting switch as well as USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

I lied when I said there was no twist. But if you read the title, you know the twist. Keychron is offering this keyboard as hot-swappable. This is pretty sweet though there are not a lot of options when it comes to putting different switches in these low profile keyboards. Keychron does sell the switches though which is probably your best bet for finding compatible switches right now. I have low profile Gateron brown switches in my K7 at the moment but as more switch options come available I may swap them out in the future.

Potato cam shot of my Keychron K7

Typing on a low-profile mechanical keyboard feels like you are typing on an older laptop. I had a Toshiba laptop back when I was in college (had as in still have but retired) that had switches that are very similar in feel to the Gateron red switches available for the K7. It didn’t even have mechanical switches. They just made better laptop keyboards back in the day.

The battery in this model is about a third of the capacity of the regular height models from Keychron but even so should easily get you a couple days of Bluetooth and even more with the RGB turned off. I don’t typically use my keyboards on Bluetooth but the K7 connects easy enough to my Windows PC.

At $94 USD it feels a little steep even with the ability to hot-swap switches. But it is a joy to type on and if you want to spend some money on a good keyboard that is easy to drag around with you I think the K7 may be for you.

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