Budget Board: Magegee Star61 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Magegee, no I have no idea how to pronounce that, has been slowly making a name for itself in the budget mechanical keyboard world and today we have the Star 61 to look at.

It’s nearly my favourite form factor at 60% (absolute favourite being a flavour of 65%) meaning it is a 61 key keyboard. It comes in a relatively simple black box with limited detail. Inside the box there’s the keyboard in a plastic bag and they include a detachable USB C cable and a keycap puller.

I quite like the colourway of this keyboard. It has a simple black case which is neither here nor there. But the keycaps are this really good looking black and grey set. With the blueish backlighting the black keycaps look almost like a dark navy blue.

The legends on the, what I’m assuming to be ABS, keycaps are a simple standard non gamey font and shine through making it easy to see the keys in the dark. The secondary functions of the keyboard are printed in a white on the keys making it easy to find important second layer functions including the F keys and lighting.

The lighting is one colour but the keyboard has several effects that work very nice and look decent even with the single colour. The backlighting is also very nice a bright which is more than I can say for several RGB backlit keyboards.

The key switches are non-hot swap Outemu box reds. Linear and similar to Gateron and CherryMX reds they feel decent to type on though they seem to have a bit more resistance the further down you push than I am used to. They are not as smooth as other linears I have used but again, not terrible. The keys are more stable than the Gamenote keyboard I previously reviewed which is a positive.

The case is plain in all black. It’s very sturdy allowing very little flex. There is a non-intrusive Magegee logo on the wrist side and on the front side there is the detachable USB C cable on the left and the keyboard and manufacturer information on a sticker on the right. The sticker is easy to remove so if that bothers you being there instead of underneath that is a nice thing to see (or not see?). On the bottom are four rubber feet but no risers. That leaves the keyboard at a 5% angle. Turns out not to be a problem in practice though I would still prefer a little more angle.

I picked this keyboard up not believing that anything of quality could be made for a regular price of $36.99. I gotta say, it’s not flashy, but if you want a decent starter 60% keyboard you’d be hard pressed to not to consider this.

As of the writing of this post the current version I have is no longer on Amazon. No surprise as it’s a great value.

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