HyperX Pulsefire Haste

HyperX Pulsefire Haste

Since I was so impressed with the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 keyboard I decided to take a look at one of their mice. I picked up their Pulsefire Haste which is their lightweight gaming mouse complete with honeycomb holes and the requisite RGB.

The Pulsfire Haste is a $79.99 CAD MSRP (currently on sale for $59.99 CAD via HyperX Canada’s website) lightweight gaming mouse and well it fits the bill quite nicely.

Mouse comfort is very subjective and I specfically choose the ones I buy to fit my had if at all possible. I compare the dimensions to my main gaming mouse and go from there. Currently my main gaming mouse is the Glorious Model O- so all mice I buy are around it’s dimensions. The HyperX Pulsefire Haste is a little higher back profile than the Model O- but still fits my hand pretty well with my modified claw grip.

My current daily driver: Glorious Model O-

The left and right mouse buttons have some recessing which seems to be very similar in position to my Model O- and is very comfortable though my fingers sit back about a centimetre from the end unlike the Model O- where my fingertips are close to the front. Makes sense since the Haste is a longer mouse.

The left and right mouse buttons feel just like the Model O- being not hard to press with a satisfying click.

The scroll wheel doesn’t have as hard of detent positions as the Model O- and they are closer together. It feels really good to use and pushing down it lightish but not too light.

Behind the scroll wheel is the DPI selection button. This mouse can support up to 16000 DPI with it’s Pixart PAW3335. Not state of the art but honestly, over 3200 DPI is a waste for me. The sensor seems to be very consistent and smooth which is basically all I ask for.

The back and forward buttons are in a pretty good position and feel very positive to press. They are not mushy as all. The button feel on the mouse all the way around is very consistent.

The braided mouse cable is very flexible. Right up there with the Model O-.

There is RGB lighting on this mouse but only around the mouse wheel. This is fine as this is supposed to be a light mouse (59 grams by the way which today is very respectable).

The skates are very good and glide over my mouse pad very smooth with very little resistance.

Once again we can also use HyperX’s Ngenuity software to cusomize buttons, RGB and DPI settings. These settings will all save to the mouse but I recommend turning off the sofware when you aren’t needing it. Sometimes the software on boot will change your DPI setting temporarily overriding the settings on the mouse. The software is still very easy to use.

What really impressed me is what HyperX ships with the mouse. They send four extra skates and specially made grip tape. I am not one that will use that tape but the extra skates is really nice if you want to take apart the mouse and lube the wheel. Considering the same from Glorious requires an extra $22 CAD.

If you have smaller fingers this may be a mouse to consider. The HyperX Pulsefire Haste will not be replacing my Glorious Model O- on my main rig but it will likely be hooked up to pr0metheus-B.

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