N88 IP68 Smart Watch (X9 PRO Smart Band)

I should mention that this post is not sponsored by Wish in any way. I just wanted to try the service out and see what I could get.

The N88 is one of a gazillion cheap Chinese smart devices on the market that can be easily bought on websites such as AliExpress and Wish (where I purchased mine).

My initial plan when I made my order on Wish was to see if I got anything I actually ordered and if they even worked at all. Well this story has turned into a full review of one of the three devices that arrived. Now the FCC ID on the back of this device calls it a X9-PRO smart band made by Shenzen Niyajia Technology Co. Ltd. Catchy right? Continue reading “N88 IP68 Smart Watch (X9 PRO Smart Band)”

Technobabble 043 – RANTZ

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AMD vs Intel vs Nvidia









Hardware and Software



















Music by Kevin Macleod from incompetech.com. Creative Commons.

You Me & Tech 006 – You Me & the Internet

Join Cynth, Jeff and Dan as they look at the Internet and how it has changed how we communicate and share. All links mentioned in the podcast are located at the bottom of this description.

Random “WOW! FACTS!”:

Did you know that there’s high speed internet available all the way up Mt. Everest?

Did you know that in 2010, Finland became the first country to declare internet access as a legal right? (Do you think internet access should be a human right?)

AND did you know that it is believed that the Internet will be the reason thousands of languages will go extinct? Apparently, only 5% of the worlds 7,700 languages are on the internet, which has experts claiming it will lead to the death of languages if they aren’t used on the platform.


As you can guess from the random facts already presented, today’s topic is probably one piece of technology that everyone uses on a daily basis, provided they have access to it, the Internet!


Thinking back 10,15 years ago when we were in high school. Do you remember when the internet first came to our schools and we were like WOW! But the schools didn’t trust that thing at all?


As we always do her on you me and tech, I like to give a little history lesson.

The basic history of the Internet: the concept of wide area networking originated in many computer labs in the US, UK and France since the development of computers in the 1950s. Commercial internet service providers started popping up in the late 1980, like AOL dial-up (providing email, instant messaging and web browser) in 1989.




What sort of things are you happy that the Internet has given us access to?

-The Cloud?

-Connectivity? Social Media?

-Online Shopping?


What do we rely on the Internet for now or even over-rely on it for?

-Entertainment – More and more people use Netflix, Youtube, Twitch for their fun.

-Shopping -Has online shopping killed brick and mortar stores?

-Connectivity -Social Media is so big now that people can make millions just by having a lot of followers! (Brands sponsor them to advertise.)


The Internet is touted for bringing the world to our fingertips, wherever and whenever we want it. The main thing that the Internet has done is give humans a level of connectivity probably thought impossible 100 years ago. We are connected, not only instantly with anyone and everyone, but constantly (which as an introvert can be stupidly annoying sometimes to have people texting at all hours of the day, even after spending 5 hrs together in person!)


However, has either of you guys noticed a trend recently of people “taking a break” from the Internet, or social media? I have. I finally took the leap and jumped off the Facebook train a few weeks ago. I didn’t find it very social anymore, and it was just a place for friends who post pictures of their kids’ scribbles or “got a dollar from the tooth fairy” images. Any ideas why people are leaving social media?


[I will play the clip of this when you want to hear it]


I was recently watching a vlogsbrothers video, which we will link to in the show notes, where Hank Green was explaining why he has decided to take a break from social media. To quote something interesting he says in his opening statements, “I wish the internet were more unreliable because I don’t like the way I’m using the Internet. Or more to the point, I don’t like the way the Internet is using me.” He continued on to say he spends around 20 hours a week on Reddit, instagram and twitter, but says its a fractured way to collect information on the internet. He says mosts of the time is him refreshing the pages and checking often “as if something fresh is just truly over the horizon.” I definitely recommend you go watch the video on youtube. It’s only 3 minutes long and says a lot.


According to Canadian Mental Health Association, 86% of Ontario students visit social media sites daily and about 16% spend 5 hours or more a day on it!

To sum up an experiment done – they did MRI scans of the “nucleus accumbens (the rewards centre of the brain) and how social media use affects the brain. They found that the reward centre of the brain was often more activated after receiving positive social media feedback. Those changes were similar to individuals who experience drug or alcohol addiction.” …”and causes greater activation in their amygdala, which is the part of the brain that is connected to impulsive behavior… is also activated with people who use substances problematically.”


So this has ballooned into something even scarier. Internet Addiction is a real thing, controversial, but real. Some say the internet isn’t where to place blame, but the addiction already found in users. For example, someone is addicted to internet gambling, then they would suggest that their addiction is gambling, not the internet. Organizations like Mental Health America and Canadian Mental Health Association have deemed Internet Addiction fact, but yet that it preys most on people with mental issues the most.


The Center for Internet Addiction was created in 1995 by Dr. Kimberly Young where she provides Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Internet addiction. “Internet addiction is defined as any online-related, compulsive behavior which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and one’s work environment. Internet addiction has been called Internet dependency and Internet compulsivity. By any name, it is a compulsive behavior that completely dominates the addict’s life. Internet addicts make the Internet a priority more important than family, friends, and work. The Internet becomes the organizing principle of addicts’ lives.”


According to Mental Health America (.net), ” people who are addicted to the internet have trouble filling personal and professional obligations because of their online activities, and their use of the internet causes strain on relationships with family and friends. … [they] often experience negative emotions or withdrawal symptoms when their internet access is restricted.” Research suggests that 6% of people are addicted to the internet. (Less than 40% of the world have access to the internet at least once per year and significantly less have regular access) = 3.04 billion people, == 182 million people)

  1. i)5 types of IA – Cybersexual (cybersex and porn), Net compulsions (online gambling, shopping, stock trading), Cyber-relationships (social media, online dating, virtual communication), Gaming, Information Seeking (web surfing or database searches)
    ii) A lot of people with internet addiction also have other mental health problems, like alcohol and substance abuse, depression, phobias, OCD, aggression, anxiety, sleep disorders.)
    iii) Treating internet addiction varies person to person. Most of the time it aims “to create boundaries and balance around internet use rather than eliminating it entirely.” Therapy and possibly medication can be used to manage symptoms of the underlying mental illness. Also, exercise is usually a part because it eases the effects of reduced dopamine in the brain from restricted internet use.

Going back to Dr. Kimberly Young, she uses techniques called Digital Diets and Digital Nutrition, mainly because you can’t cut off internet use cold turkey. Digital diet is a controlled use of the internet.Instead of checking your social media 50 times a day, check it 5 times. Digital Nutrition is about what content you are accessing. Goes back to internet gambling. You can still use the internet for other things, but gambling is restricted.

Dr Young suggests we:

  1. Check our checking. (How many times are we checking things?)
  2. Set time limits/boundaries. (Don’t have to have your phone with you all the time.)
  3. Disconnect to reconnect. (Tech free family time at dinner, or family time.
  4. Learn to be screen smart. (Make smarter wiser choices with the internet through initiatives in schools, with parents, and teach children to use the internet wisely instead of letting them use it to curb boredom.)

I guess the reality of it all is, can we as humans have instant access to everything, all the time and NOT use it as a crutch?

If the Internet were to suddenly be gone, could we function? Not in a joking way, but could we?







Stan Lee, Creator of Many of My Personal Favourite Heroes, Has Passed Away

Stan Lee, a man of incredible imagination and talent, has passed away at 95. While I think many knew he had less years ahead than he had behind him no one wanted to see him leave us behind.

Lee of course created a legacy of comic book and now TV and movie heroes that even non comic book fans have come to love.

Some of the heroes he has cultivated and created that I really appreciate include Captain America (even though I am Canadian), Iron Man (always love mech suits and this is the best), the Hulk (Hulk Smash! need I say more?), Spider Man (I was a huge fan of the 90s animated series), Daredevil (relatively new on my radar with the Netflix series), and Ant-Man (also recent with the new Paul Rudd movies).

Variety has a great background on Stan over on their site and rather than restating all of it here check out their coverage. 

Excelsior, Mr. Lee.

Turn Backaround: Revisiting the Nintendo Switch

This is a quick return to the Nintendo Switch I thought would be interesting to those of you still on the fence about picking up a Switch. It turns out sales of the console have started to decay and there has been news of Nintendo bringing out an updated version in the near future.

So far the Switch is the console I have most used in this generation since I changed my trucking job a couple years ago. I don’t have a lot of time to play my XBOX One S or my Playstation 4 as I am only home for usually one day of the week. That usually leaves me time to do a podcast and play a little on my computer “ZPM”.

So mobile has become very big for me and that’s saying a lot as before this I had dabbled with the Nintendo Gameboy, DS, and 3DS (and Sonys PSP and Vita) but they were never more than Pokemon machines for me.

The Switch is something different. It has a ton of great console grade games that I can take anywhere with me on the road not requiring a television of any kind. That’s not to say the experience on TV is bad. It’s not. It’s just not where the Switch excels.

The battery life leaves me a bit wanting but other than that I am incredibly happy with the Switch. Games like Octopath Traveler and Super Mario Odyssey look incredible on the small and big screen alike and the games themselves are great.

Right now, if Nintendo had better third party support, I would tell you to buy a Switch. Period. No question. But the third party support is lagging. Yeah there are some newish games out there but when a game like Skyrim is like a big thing to be released on your console when the game itself was released in 2011 that really isn’t a big deal.

One does have to wonder why Nintendo still bothers with their 3DS/2DS line of handhelds. I can only surmise at this point that they are on life-support. I am guessing at this point if there is new Switch hardware in the works they will be giving us more battery life and going fully mobile with perhaps the option to still dock it if you want to play on the big screen.

What has your experience been with the Switch? Or are you still on the fence?

Amazon’s All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet

Recently Amazon had a party releasing a bunch of new devices including new Echo devices, tablets and a new FireTV stick here in Canada.

I have a couple echo devices already and as much as I would love to pick up the new ones to test I am not made of money so I passed on those. That isn’t to say I am not happy with my first generation Echo Plus because I am. I love the fact that I can command my room light to turn off and on from my bed across the room.

I also have a FireTV stick and while I do not use it as often as it requires external power (the built-in USB port on my older but awesome Samsung TV does not provide power).

The Amazon Fire tablets have always interested me. Cosidering their 7 inch 8GB model starts at an incredible $59.99 CAD. They now have newer updated models out on 8 inch model side and I decided to take a plunge and pick up an “All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet” at a price of $139.99 CAD. I preordered this when it was announced and received it not too long ago.

BlackBerry PlayBook WiMax Pic

I have had tablets in the past. My first was a Blackberry Playbook 32GB model (after they had dropped the price to almost liquidation levels). That was and still is a pretty good tablet and the OS is still the most tablet friendly ever made in my opinion. IOS and Android have never felt so smooth and simple to use with hand guestures. The Playbook had (well has as I still have it) a 7 inch screen and felt great in the hand with the rubber back. Also had a fantastic high contrast screen. Oh and the speakers are the best I have ever heard from any tablet device. Seriously, you are doing yourself a disservice never hearing the audio quality from this thing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch

Another tablet I owned in the past was the Samsung Galaxy Tab III 8 inch 16GB model. I still have this tablet as well and one of the great selling features was how thin the thing was. Still thinner than a lot of devices today. It was also my first foray into Android.

Wait, I’m lying. before all these devices I picked up no name piece of junk with Android 3 or something on it. Didn’t even have a capacitive touch screen. It was a terrible experience. It also made me write-off Android.

Back to the present-past?

Anyways that Samsung had good battery life, a nice camera but Samsung stopped supporting it and as such it was left with Android 5. The hardware is more than capable of handling the newer Android software and there are ways to hack it on to there but I haven’t had any luck in doing so.

ipad4 retina

I did also have a retina iPad when that came out. 32GB model as I remember. I liked it only for Garage Band. The device was far too large and way too heavy.

Anyways, today we’re looking at the new Fire HD 8 from Amazon. Amazon was smart when they configured these devices. They use relatively low end quad-core arm CPUs and 1.5GB of memory. This seems paltry but for surfing the internet and playing some games it’s fine. They use this configuration across all the Amazon tablets and it’s worked out for Amazon making the devices incredibly cheap.

Connectivity is what should expected at this price point. It is compatible with 802.11a, b, g and n. Sadly no AC but it is dual-band so that’s cool. Bluetooth is here as well so wireless headphones and other bluetooth devices are a go.

Amazon claims 10 hours of battery life. I think with use I have seen 7 or so hours but no more than that. That still isnt bad but don’t expect to use the device all day without charging. Gaming or watching video cuts the battery life more. There’s no quick-charging here people so be ready for a few hours to charge fully.

The Fire HD 8 is also Dolby Atmos certified. Uhhh, whatever. It does have two pretty decent speakers for a tablet (nothing in comparison to the Playbook) but don’t expect anything like room filling sound.

It does have a back and forward camera both 2MP which is not that impressive but useful. You can still record in 720P. I’ll be honest, I haven’t used these features as I use my phone for that.

The 1280×800 screen while nowhere near retina in pixels per inch is bright except in direct sunlight. Being 8 inches it’s perfect for reading Kindle books or Comixology comics. I never once wished for anything better during use though the screen is not quite as nice as the one in my older Samsung tablet. Colours aren’t quite as vibrant but unless you are picky and holding devices side by side you probably won’t notice.

The tablet is a good weight even though there is no metal anywhere on the body. The shell is made of plastic. Screen is as well so keep that in mind. It will scratch. Mine hasn’t yet but I’m being pretty careful with it. All your buttons are along the top of the tablet along with the micro-USB port. There is a MicroSD card slot along the left side for adding more storage as well.

As for usability it comes with Amazon’s highly modified version of Android. I was not a fan of the interface initially. I even tried installing my own launcher but the device will only default to another launcher if you have rooted it. I don’t care about rooting it so I have left it with the default design. You can scroll side to side along the top for different parts of Amazon store universe. This includes Kindle, Prime Video and the actual Amazon store. This is a bunch of excess to me and would rather have just seen access to these things via their own apps which are also installed on the device. Obviously Amazon wants this device to make it easy to make purchases on their stores which I understand fully and probably why they are willing to sell their devices at such a low price.

Using the Fire HD 8 is a pretty good experience. The quad-core ARM cpu is sufficient to power through web browsing and streaming video content. Multi-tasking is where it falls a bit short. Don’t expect to leave a bunch of apps open and still get a lot of performance out of the Fire HD 8. The memory on board just isn’t enough. I have found that if I have a browser open, play music in the background and have say Marvel Strike Force open in the foreground (which by the way must be loaded by way of side-loading the Google Play Store) switching between these becomes a chore. I have had a few times where the screen just goes black and one where the Fire HD 8 has froze and restarted after a minute.

One should also note that the Fire HD 8 is an Alexa device as well though I have that functionality disabled on mine. Not because I don’t like it, I just don’t need it on the road.

Overall for $99.99 CAD in the 16GB version I think this tablet is an incredible steal. This is a no frills tablet that you can take with you anywhere and if you lose it or it gets damaged, well, it didn’t cost you $400 up front like some more well featured tablets. And considering Echo Show functionality will be coming to the device in the future it is even more of a steal considering a Show device costs $299 for essentially the same hardware but in a different configuration. The $59.99 7 inch 8GB version is a steal too and since it uses the same specs but a lower resolution screen you may see slightly better performance.