Technobabble 022 – Used News

Technobabble 022 – Used News

Join Jeff, Cynth, Dan and Kevin as they discuss last weeks tech news along with some Geek-tainment mixed in.

AMD and Intel Updates:

AMD gains 10% market share

AMD launches Radeon Vega Frontier Edition

AMD Vega Consumer Cards Launching at Siggraph 2017

AMD Launches Ryzen Pro Series Chips,34907.html

Intel Developing Successor to Core Ancient Core Architecture

Intel to Lose Crown as Leading Chip Manufacturer to Samsung


Russia Behind “GoldenEye” Ransomware

Kaspersky says they aren’t in bed with the Russian Government

Britain’s new Aircraft Carrier runs on Windows XP


Wonder Woman top grossing DCU movie:

How to watch every MCU movie in order:

Jonathan Frakes directing an episode of Star Trek Discovery

Upcoming Shows

Hardware and Gadgets:

Apacer intros an SSD that looks like the frame of an AR15

Gigabyte finally has an ITX motherboard for Ryzen,34912.html

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Relaunches July 7th

Tesla to deliver first Model 3s July 28th

Amazon Prime Day is July 11th

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