Gaming Lounge 008 – Newwwwzzzzz

Gaming Lounge 008 – Newwwwzzzzz

Join Dan, Jeff and Cynth as they discuss the latest gaming news, upcoming releases and what they have been playing.


Assassins Creed TV Show?

No GoldenEye 64 coming to Xbox Live

Five Nights at Freddys 6 has been cancelled

Nintendo Says Switch Shortage is Not Their Fault.

Atari Announces New Console

Super Mario Run Surpasses 150 Million Downloads

Bandai Namco Reveals Full List of Cars in Project Cars 2

Destiny 2 Beta Later This Month

AMD Ryzen to Be Basis for Next Gen Consoles?

Switch Keyboard Coming

Digital Game Gifting Coming to Xbox One


Redout Mars DLC

Tekken 7 Bowling DLC

Bioware Removes Anti-Tamper tech from Andromeda

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