Technobabble 031 – Raja Betrays Team Red

Technobabble 031 – Raja Betrays Team Red

Join Dan and Jeff as they discuss the latest tech news including Raja leaving AMD for Intel and more.

Technobabble 031


Hardware News


Raj Koduri leaves AMD…


The ENEMY announces a chip with AMD

The enemy discontinues Broadwell-E Processors

The other enemy is doin’ well


New video cards


Device News


Logitech is giving Harmony Link owners free replacements after all

Amazon is relieved there are other countries than the US and launches the fire tv stick to 100 more countries.

Amazon may be developing a video service supported by ads

You can now almost write a whole sentence on Twitter now

Facebook really wants nude photos


Gaming News


EA acquires another studio, should close soon

Call of Duty WWII scores a lot of dollarz on opening weekend

Bioware celebrates 10 year anniversary of a dead franchise

Ubisoft rolling in the microtransaction dough


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