Microsoft Xbox Series X Console

XBOX SERIES X – First Impressions

Since the introduction of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft and the additional issues brought on by the pandemic I have been in search of a console of my own. Both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles have been basically unobtanium since launch.

Generally for the last few months the Xbox Series S has been easily available and in stock at most retailers here in Canada that are selling them. The Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 in both digital and Blu-ray versions have not been available. Both PlayStations being the worst. Continue reading “XBOX SERIES X – First Impressions”

Typical window mounted GPS navigator

To Build a GPS Navigator or Not to Build a GPS Navigator? That is the Question.

I wrote a story not too long ago on the state of GPS devices for commercial trucks and how it has changed over the years. I mentioned in that story that I preferred to use Google Maps nowadays but since then a couple things have happened. I got a huge charge for being over my data. That is something you have to think about here in Canada as our data caps are low and our overage charges are ballistic. That has now changed for me as my provider has allowed me to double my data for nearly half the cost.
After this problem I decided it would be an interesting challenge to choose or build my own GPS. Yes I said build.

Continue reading “To Build a GPS Navigator or Not to Build a GPS Navigator? That is the Question.”